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Alexander Zanzer PhD

Writer - Executive Producer


Switzerland January 2017. Two men and their boss (Goddard) are chasing an old man. They want to know where the diary is of an officer of the guard of the Tsar. The diary mentions the hiding place of the last will of Tsar Nikolai II. 

All the aristocrats who pretend to be the new head of the Imperial House of Russia are assembled together to find out 100 years after the revolution who is the heir to the Russian Throne. 


What they don’t know is that the diary also mentions an enormous treasure hidden by the officer on order of the Tsar meant to revive the monarchy in case of the death of the Tsar and his family. The political struggle to present the heir of the Tsar becomes, therefore, also a treasure hunt. The Swiss banks holding the treasure have no intention to part with the finances taking into account the accumulated interest over 100 years. They use a lawyer, ex-secret agent, Goddard. The hunt is joined by rogue Russian secret agents who want to use the political implications of the last will of the Tsar to overthrow the government during the commemoration of the revolution. 


The aristocrats nominate two young heirs to their families Alexander and Isabelle to conduct the search. They have to deal with secret agents and the most dangerous of all, Goddard. Goddard tries to corrupt Alexander -by introducing him into the decadent world of big money and sexual pleasures- and seduce Isabelle. 

The quest takes place in the decadent world of finances, dictators, and bankers and brings the events of 1917 into the world of 2017.

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