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Royal Ice

Executive producer: Alexander Zanzer

Berlin: ‘Royal Ice’ To Tell Monaco Prince Albert’s Story of Bobsled Bid


The story of how the tiny principality of Monaco assembled a bobsled team, as seen through the eyes of Prince Albert, will begin production later this year.


“Royal Ice,” based on a story by Prince Albert (full title: His Serene Highness Albert II of Monaco) and adapted by screenwriter Mark Thomas, is to be pitched at Berlin’s European Film Market by Los Angeles-based sales agency Aldamisa.


“This is the first Royal fairy tale which is a true story of a sitting Monarch, where the human drive for achievement becomes a battle with one’s own limits, amplified by the constraints of Royal duties,” said Sergei Bespalov, Aldamisa co-chairman, who will produce. 

The story tracks the resistance and disapproval from Albert’s father, reliance on an embattled coach, support of a beautiful woman and the assembly of a team involving a gardener and a casino employee. 


Casting of an A-list star is underway ahead of production scheduled to start in November.

Oleg Boyko. Alexander Zanzer will be the executive producer and diplomatic consultant on royal relations.  Jason Van Eman and Ben McConley also serve as executive producers. and Alexey Petrukhin will also produce. Mark Thomas, John Bernard.


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