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π-Zanzer AI has been co-founded by

Alexander Zanzer


Is a rewarded social entrepreneur who uses technology for the benefit of socially responsible enterprises. He has been awarded many distinctions among others the title of Knight in the Order of Leopold II by King Albert II of Belgium, Officer in the Order of Leopold II by King Philip of Belgium, and the Golden Medal of Mongolia wearing the hereditary title of Baron of Mongolia, awarded to his grandfather in 1920 by Bogd Khan.

Alexander Zanzer holds a degree of License in Economic and Diplomatic Relations, a Master of Business Administration, and a PhD in economic developing economies. He founded  BookMovie, an interactive animated book-form for which he wrote “Insignia”, a controversial treasure hunt story in the time of the last Roman Emperor.

And co-founded by Pauline Zanzer.

Pauline Zanzer has graduated with a Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Analytics following a Master M.Sc. in Luxury Management. She is also an accredited journalist.

With her experience and education of the luxury 
industry, she co-founded
 Zanzer Entertainment which beyond the film industry manages also the book rights of several editions including SOBOR and THE THUNDER STONE

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