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The Thunderstone

By  Alexander  Zanzer

1919.  Prince Leopold of Belgium visits with his parents the United  States. On his demand, President Wilson arranges a  visit to Hollywood under the guidance of Thomas Ince,  the most successful producer of that time.  Leopold’s admiration for Ince is without boundaries. But  Leopold caries with him a curse passed to his grandfather at the age of five by Catherine the Great.    
The curse first realizes ambitions and then destroys the lives of those affected by its initial generosity. Ince becomes a  living legend of filmmaking, but then faith struck. Fire destroys his studio and his empire. While trying to make a  deal with William Randolph Hearst, Hearst kills by accident Ince who defended his friend Charlie Chaplin suspected by Hearst to be the lover of his mistress, Marion  Davies.  
Ince’s last movie,  Enticement,  is released after his death. It’s the story of a Belgian couple where one of them falls victim to a car accident and the other dies in the mountains.  
Enticement becomes a premonition for Leopold.  Ten years after the movie is released,  his father,  King  Albert dies in unclear circumstances while climbing a mountain.
Then his wife dies in a car accident. But even this is not enough for the Thunderstone.  
Leopold loses his crown and becomes known as the unluckiest King of the world.
The title “Thunder  Stone” is based on the most famous poem of Pushkin who described the curse of the Thunderstone, the largest stone in the world cut by men on order of Catherine the Great to fulfill her ambition.
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