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The Bottle is a gangster comedy inspired by a bottle held in Krikova (Republic of Moldova)


The bottle has been produced for Passover in 1902 in Jerusalem when it was part of the Ottoman Empire. 


A Russian oligarch and former gangster whose life was build on sins sees his business decline. He goes to Church where a priest tells him that his business will only revive when his sins are forgiven.


During a decadent party, surrounded by women, he sees a tv-reportage of the Prince of Monaco visiting the Krikova cellars and contemplating what the tv-reporter calls the “holly bottle of Jerusalem” and explains that those who had the privilege of touching it, experience a spiritual revival.


It is at that moment that he has the crazy thought that if he could drink from the bottle, all his sins would be forgiven and he could start his life over.


He tries to buy it, but the bottle is not for sale. Being an ex-gangster, only one idea comes to mind: to steal the bottle. He engages the best thief to do the job. The thief arrives in Moldova thinking that stealing the bottle is an easy task. He falls from one adventure into another, to finally fall in love with the beautiful directress of the wine cellars.


He decides that he doesn’t want to steal the bottle, but afraid from the retaliation of the oligarch who hired him, he needs to find a way-out to save him and his new love. 

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