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Alexander Zanzer

Is a journalist, writer and diplomatic consultant. For 25 years he has written political, social and diplomatic articles as well a diplomatic book about the function of honorary consulates. He has been awarded many distinctions among others the title of Knight in the Order of Leopold II by King Albert II of Belgium, the Golden Medal of Mongolia for his function as Honorary Consul General of Mongolia to Belgium and the reinstatement of the title Baron of Mongolia, a title held by his grandfather,  by the Great Lama of Mongolia.
Alexander Zanzer holds a degree of License in Economic and Diplomatic Relations, a Master of Business Administration and a PhD in developing economies. He is the founder of the Magna Carta University Initiative which aims to transform education with the help of augmented reality, avatars and artificial intelligence. He also founded BookMovie, an interactive an animated book-form for which he wrote “Insignia”, a controversial treasure hunt story in the time of the last Roman Emperor. All his stories mix profound historical research and imagination so that they become politically and socially connected with present day reality.


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